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Brett Alegre-Wood
Chairman, YPC-Group

If the answer is yes, how would you like to co-author a new book with two other great authors? :)

Maybe a bit of an exaggeration, but to celebrate YPC’s 5 year anniversary, Simon and I have decided to write a book together celebrating the wonderful collection of stories that have come from our clients over the past years.

We’d love to include your story and naturally, list you as a co-author too!

To get the project off the ground, we’re looking for least 100 stories. Good ones, bad ones, emotional ones, how you lost money, made money, the “Oh shit” moments, stories about other companies, other investments, about your family, about tradesmen, about your Property Consultant, Portfolio Manager and of course the Aftercare girls.

I fact, feel free to write your story on just about anything as long as long as it’s related to creating a better lifestyle for you and your family. (We’ll have a special section for all the funny stories as well.)

To participate, all you need to do is submit your story below using our submit form. Please try to keep it between 200 and 500 words long.

We reserve the right to edit the story and you’ll need to give us the rights to the story so we can publish it.

We’re aiming to publish the book by April 2010 so the cut off date for all stories will be January 20th 2010. Don’t miss this chance to become a published author and stand beside such great authors as Alegre-Wood and Shankland.  ;-)

Live with passion,

Brett Alegre-Wood

PS. Even if you don’t make it into the published book, your story will form part of the new website that will work alongside the book and your name will still be in the on the authors page.

PPS. I have decided that all the proceeds of this book will go towards our charity efforts. We aim to raise a minimum of £50,000 for charities over the next 3 years. So you’ll be helping a good cause as well as contributing to something special in the history of YPC.

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